Top 10 Landing Page Templates for Startups Available for Free Right Now

Design, but simple.

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So you have yet another idea for a startup. What is it this time? Perhaps a satire Chrome extension?

Or a meal planner app?

Whatever it is, you’ll need a landing page to validate your idea. No, really. Before you design your business cards and T-shirts, before you even create a logo — go and build a landing page and try to sell your idea.

If it takes more than a few hours, then you’re doing it wrong.

Here are a few landing page templates I dug up from the internet (much better than what they’re selling over at the largest template marketplace). Hope you find what you need below, but if you need more to choose from, grab this free short ebook with more sources you can scout:


Now onto the free downloads.


html template saas

This clean and beautiful template offers just enough design for a good startup landing page. You’ve also got free mockup files available to present your app the right way.


html template white

Gorgeous design, this one. Would work best for a photography portfolio, but with a little work this one can make a great product landing page.


html template sedna

This HTML template is perfect for a fledgling software startup. It’s built with Bootstrap and taste. Highly recommended!

App Landr

html template app

What this template lacks in terms of design, it makes up for with MailChimp integration and a number of included background images. This page seems perfect to build a landing page for validating an app idea within minutes.

Mobile App Introduction Template

html template mobile introduction app

Sometimes, all you need to explain an idea is a slide deck. Why complicate things?


html template saas startup

I mean, I’m not saying this is an award-winning design, but it’s decent enough. With the pricing table and spaces for features, this template would make the perfect website for a SaaS company. Get rid of those annoying slow animations, though.

Start Bootstrap

html template saas

Minimalistic, bold, and to the point. That’s Start Bootstrap. More fitted for service startups (notice the “projects” boxes), but nonetheless well-designed.


html template ebook

I love this one so much I’m almost sorry I developed the landing page for my upcoming book from scratch. You could even use this template to simply deliver a freebie and collect emails.


html template spacial

I actually used this particular template for a project of mine. It’s super-easy to customise, well-designed, and has neat scroll effects (that I ended up toning down a bit). We expect nothing less by HTML5Up.


html template spectral

While all the templates on this list are exceptional in one way, this one stands out as having the potential to convert  best due to how obvious and in-your-face the call to action button is. If your product is bold, get this one.


Well, that has been the list of top free HTML templates, I suggest you also go ahead and read the post about how to customize a generic template and make it your own. If you want to take an extra step and make your new website look more official, design a logo while you’re at it.

Either way, get started on your project asap!

Design, but simple.

My popular design ebook is now on sale. Don't miss out!

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