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Don't have 4 years to go to design college? I've been there, and I want to help! Here’s your no-nonsense shortcut to design skills.

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learn design

Get the flagship book

Everything you need to know about design in one beautifully illustrated guide.

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sell more with ab testing

Increase conversions

Read about how to make more money with the traffic you already have.

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design tools and resources


Hand-picked design tools to help you learn to design, sell more, and run your business effectively.

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validating your app idea

Validate your idea

Vast majority of apps flop. Here's the popular guide to help you test your idea and save time and money.

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hiring designers

Pick the right one

In this series of articles, we'll look at ways to find a good designer and build a successful relationship.

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The #InspirationSeries is our pet project, showcasing the very best of today's design. The idea is to connect design inspiration website owners, give them more exposure, and deliver top-notch design inspiration to our readers at the same time.

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A/B Testing

Anyone has an opinion on how your new website should look. But what really counts is data. Split testing lets you compare two designs to each other, letting you take informed decisions on this highly subjective matter. Data-driven design. It's science!

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Branding & Marketing

On average, a person has to see your logo seven times to memorise it. Help your customers remember you. Our guides will show you how to leverage the power of consistent branding in marketing.

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Who’s behind this?

I’m Heidi Pun. I have been working for 6 years as a web designer and developer with a number of startups, NGOs, and large companies within agencies and on freelance basis.

After quitting my last job in 2014, I decided to focus on building my own online businesses. My design skills helped me create a portfolio of websites that make me money while I sleep.

Let's find out what works in conversions and design!

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