Design, but Easy.

Your no-nonsense shortcut to design.

Don’t go to design college.

My formally-trained designer friends will hate me for saying this. Let me explain.

There are a few ways you can learn design.

You can go to college. It will be expensive. After a few years, you’ll walk away with a degree and start looking for a job.

How does this sound: simply implementing the most important principles within weeks?

Just to be clear — I'm not saying that formal education is pointless. It's just not accessible to everyone. We have a limited amount of time and money we all want to make the most of both.

I spent years distilling down my knowledge of graphic design into some very simple concepts. It's the "pareto principle" in action: about 20% of what I've learned makes up 80% of every design I create.

I'll teach you exactly the tricks you need to start working on projects (your own or someone else's) within weeks.

Whether you aspire to freelance, work at a startup, develop your own product, or eventually get a job at Apple, it's a no-nonsense, cheap start to learning the craft.


Start using design as a powerful marketing tool.


Learn from real-life examples of companies that are using design as a strategic tool.


Make your company look reputable and instil trust in your customers.

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Praise for the book

Design for Founders is an extremely helpful guide to those who know little about design! I’ve been designing for a couple years and I still found it helpful! It’s a must for entrepreneurs and designers everywhere! — Stefan Theofilos, Theo Technologies
This superb, thoroughly illustrated manual sheds light on the feared subject of design. Heidi talks about design in business terms, proves her point with examples, and gives you actionable tips & tricks. A must-read for any founder! — Jane Portman, UI/UX consultant at UI Breakfast
Strategic and practical. This is the best guide I've read for founders looking to understand design principles and learn how to implement them in their startup. — Richard Lazazzera - Online Ecommerce Incubator Founder
This book is amazing. I am an engineer and developer, so I previously had no experience with anything design related. This book has opened my eyes of how much I still have to learn to build great products. — David Munoz, engineer and developer
I read the sample of the book and I really liked the tone. I think that is something that's lacking a lot in the web world. I was looking for reliable sources about design but I couldn't find anything at all. No one else explains like "okay, you shouldn't do that, you should do that". This book helps the web to become a more beautiful place :) — Auchecorne Willyam - Front-end developper
This ebook has spiked my interest in design, and has given me deep perspective ... I learned to not blindly copy what others do and strategically think about design. The book has helped me make more money, I even advise clients about design. I'm glad I found you on Google — it was an instant buy! — Mohinish Nirwal
I'm so exited about reading your book, and I have to say, you gave me a good place to start! I read many many books since I started being interested in design, but i think this is the product with which the beginners like me can get started. — Kozima Javor
Why did I buy your book? [...] your book was functional, beautiful, structured, usable, and doable. — Dawn Kotzer, life and business coach

This is for you if you ...

120+ Examples & Case Studies

All design principles are backed up with real-life case studies and examples of designs you know.

The Pareto Principle

The 20% of all you learn in design will give you a 80% improvement on the projects you create. This is the book to teach you those 20%.

Only What You Need to Know

This book is the starting point for entrepreneurs. Learn the basics and expand your knowledge with additional resources at the end of the book.

About Heidi Pun

We’re all designers, but not everyone can design.

I've been working as a designer for 6 years before I quit my job. I now run Design for Founders, organise tech events, and sometimes help NGOs with design and marketing.

I've learned design on my own, and it has been a long-winded road. I'd like to help you skip all the hard work and dead ends and simply show you what works.

What’s in the book?

Buy now — I'm running a limited-time 30% off deal!


Special pricing — only available for a limited time.

  • 100-page ebook (instant download)
  • Money-back guarantee


What if I’m not happy with the book?

You get a 100% refund, no questions asked. There’s not even a time limit — you can buy the book today and get a refund one year later. I am that confident that you’ll find amazing value in this book.

What is the purchase process?

I use Gumroad to process payment. It supports all credit cards. After payment, you’ll immediately get the book in pdf format straight into your inbox. Contact me if any problem arises.

Do I need to know Photoshop?

This book is tool-agnostic. All the tips and tutorials are applicable to different tools, some of which are also featured in the book to help you pick one.

What if I change my mind or hate the product?

I’ve offered a lifetime money-back guarantee on my products in the past — it’s the same with this one. This simply means that if you ever feel like the product wasn’t what was promised or you didn’t get enough value out of it, you can contact me and I’ll refund every $.

Is this a replacement for design college?

No. This product will give you essential skills to "test-drive" working in design. Many design jobs don't require a college degree — however, do expect to invest more work into learning design and practice before you're able to win a Red Dot.

Something else?

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