This is the page where I collect the best business and design tools I come across. Some I use religiously, some were just recommended to me or are an industry standard. Hopefully, this list will help you overcome some of the choice paralysis entrepreneurs so often face picking the right tool for the job.

NOTE: I get a commission if you purchase or sign up for some of these services. I would’ve recommended them either way.


The Book

I’ve written a beautifully illustrated ebook on design. Don’t know where to start? Let me guide you through the most important principles in graphic design and improving your revenue through design science!


If you don’t care about performance, owning a Mac is optional. Joking aside, Apple computers have better support from the today’s top design apps (like Sketch).


Adobe software has been literally around longer than me so I feel almost obliged to recommend it. If you use a Windows computer or are just better versed in Adobe, Photoshop is a perfectly acceptable solution.



Sketch app is a refreshing new take on design software. Reusable styles and symbols make designing for screen what it should be — a truly pleasant experience. Mac-only.

A sketchbook

An absolute must-have in every designer’s toolbox. Build a habit of opening your sketchbook before opening your design software. I use a dot-gridded one from Nuuna.


Cool coming-soon online tool for editing vector graphics. I’m still waiting to try it out (they’re in beta at the time), but it looks very promising.



I get it. You don’t have the time for all this kerning, rulers, hex, and grids. You just want to learn how to design. Right? DesignLab has you covered with their project-based courses. Give it a try!

Professional Web Typography

Here’s a pay-what-you-want ebook that will give you all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to start kicking ass at typography.


Method of Action

I love interactive learning. MoA lets you discover the most important principles in graphic design with the help of fun and gorgeously-designed games.


HackDesign is an epic database of design articles, videos, and lessons, curated by world’s best designers.



Full-featured online app with all the templates and elements you could ever need for your social media images. Free to use, and you can pay for some of the nicer photos and layouts. iPad app available.


If you don’t want all the bling, you should take a look at Buffer’s tools. Pablo lets you create sleek social media graphics without the overwhelm.



When you don’t feel like paying the full price for fonts, ebooks, and other design resources, MightyDeals comes to the rescue. Sometimes, you’ll find great-value bundles as well.

Creative Market

Sometimes, it makes sense to shell out for premium design resources that you may be using for months. In those cases, I always browse Creative Market.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a perfectly good system for A/B testing — and it’s free! Read this guide to find out how to set up your first test.



Your website is for your visitors. That’s it. You can test it on your mother, friends, and strangers for as long as you want, the only audience that truly matters are your visitors. Inspectlet lets you watch what exactly they do on your site, and it’s a lot cheaper than their competition. I use it too and highly recommend it.


I am skeptical of any app that offers mechanical conversion into HTML. WebFlow however works as a sort of visual interface for front-end development. Great alternative for non-coders.



When first starting my website business, I wish I went with this company. Instead, I opted for a hosting with slow load times and bad customer service. Sigh.


Interesting product for when you can’t be bothered to spend long hours on designing and building a landing page. With this WordPress plugin, you’ll be able to drag-and-drop your way to a nice design in no time.



Do you think your website is awesome? Are you completely sure? Peek is your service for “tough love feedback” you need to hear to make it truly awesome. And it’s free.

UX Pin

This app helps streamline your team’s design process. You can use it to create interactive prototypes, set up user testing sessions, and get feedback on your work. If for some reason you don’t like UX Pin, try Marvel for prototyping.


UI Audit

Are you unsure if your app is well-designed? What if you’re losing users because of bad UX? This book written by Jane Portman is the perfect tool to help you make your app the best it can be.


Sometimes, you just need to ask people questions. In those cases, surveys can be an incredible source of valuable information. The best solution for building forms of the last few years is without a doubt Typeform. You’re welcome.


Frontify Style Guide

To keep your branding consistent, you need a style guide. Frontify offers a free tool to help you keep it online, pretty, and updated. It’s currently the best available solution.


Nicely organised list of colours that large companies use in their branding.

Simple Icons

Similar concept, but for brands’ icons.


This is where nice people of Fairpixels post ready-made vector logos you can use until you’re ready to develop a custom branding.


Designer List

This is a hand-picked list of the best designers on Dribbble. It is created by the creators of Muzli, the incredible design inspiration website we’ve also featured in our #inspirationseries.

Read the post here.



I organise my entire life in Trello, no joke. It’s indispensable for the hiring process, planning, strategy, and for assigning tasks in tiny businesses like mine. And it’s free. What more do you want?

tiny reminder

Tiny Reminder

Getting files and input from clients can be a complete nightmare. Tiny Reminder is a handy little tool that automates most of the process so that you can sit back and enjoy doing what you do — which is design.

your app idea probably sucks

Your App Idea (Probably) Sucks!

Stop guessing if your app idea will actually make money. With this proven system, you’ll be able to test the market demand for your app without learning how to code or hiring a developer.

Startup Design Toolbox

An ever-expanding set of tools and guides to help you on your way to a successful startup.

Design Books

A list of carefully selected design books every entrepreneur should read.


How to Fix Any Design in 10 Steps

This guide will show you how you can improve any design and give you real-life examples on which the method has been applied. This one is a subscribers’ favourite!

Style Tiles Template

Downloadable Sketch template that lets you keep all your branding assets in one document.