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TvOS is the Apple TV’s operating system that was made available in 2015. Being a very new platform, designers are still figuring out how to create easy-to-use interfaces for it. Unlike apps for iPhone and iPad where there is a ton of well-designed apps to learn from, TV apps are still far from being in abundance.

Andrew Yates (who has, btw, also developed CouchQuiz) aims to change that with his side project He collects excellent examples of UI on Apple TV to help designers follow design patterns.

I asked him to present his favourite examples of TvOS. Here’s what he sent over.

Andrew Yates

tvOS is still in it’s infancy and as such it can be tricky for designers and developers coming from the small screens of iOS to a large TV to know how things should be laid out for the big screen. Common patterns emerging are the use of large background imagery, blur and small animations.

I’d highly recommend reading the Apple TV Human Interface Guidelines. Especially regarding Visual Design, as they include some super useful guidelines about screen cropping, padding, typography and much more.

HostelworldHostelworld, webpage

GILTGilt, webpage, clothes





ReelgoodReelgood, webpage

Notonthehighstreetnotonthehighstreet, webpage

DasherDasher, rainbow


Kitchen StoriesKitchenstories, food, desert

Sing! by Smule

Haystack TV

ZovaZova, webpage

BurberryBurberry, fashion

Big thanks to Andrew! If you want to view more examples of TV interface design, be sure to check out

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Design, but simple.

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