10 Photo Editing Apps for Social Media Marketing on the Go

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Founders are a busy flock. Some days, it’s nearly impossible to schedule those social media posts in the office, let alone create them. Even though we know we should pay more attention to visual content, this part of marketing often stays unticked on our daily to-do lists.

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It would be nice if we had a way to create this content in our idle time, wouldn’t it? We could whip up a few quick posts while waiting for a bus, or grabbing a bite, or simply waiting for a call back. Oh wait. We have those! Instead of hopelessly refreshing your Facebook while munching on that unhealthy sandwich, why not find a couple of motivational quotes and smack them on a photo to be shared on Pinterest? Yay productivity. Here are 10 best photo editing apps for you to try out.

Pic Collage


This app is primarily meant for making collages. It lets you add your own photos, as well as Youtube videos. If your brand is more relaxed and playful, you’ll find the stickers and fonts in this app helpful. They even let you print out cute postcards from your collages, but social media managers will be more appreciative of direct sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



Studio is classier. If you own a serious, well-designed brand, you’ll love the pre-made templates in this app. Beautiful fonts, clean design, and creative community for inspiration are the top features of this tool.



Aviary has been around for a while now. It has matured from being a gadget for Instagram into a full-fledged (yet still simple) photo editing app. I love its default filters, but some of you may want to buy additional ones to break away from the generic.


Word Swag App Generate Cool Text Words Quotes on Your Photos

Douchebagy name, but a powerful app. If adding text to your images is all you’re looking for, this one will have you covered and more. Loads of fonts to use, and with suggestions for captions, this is the perfect tool for a busy entrepreneur. It will set you back $3.99 though.


Phonto Text on Photos

Phonto will also let you add text to photos, but for free. You can pay to have ads removed from the app, but otherwise you can use this app without limitations. It has 200 fonts for you to pick from.


Over – Add beautiful text artwork to photos.

Another premium app, but (like others on this list) well worth the price. Useful for creating not only social media images, but also posters, flyers, etc. Reviews for this app are nothing short of stellar, and you can purchase additional assets if you run out of default ones. For full effect, you should use it on a tablet.


VSCO Cam Visual Supply Co

This app will not let you add text. If you don’t mind that, it’s a fabulous way of taking pictures you’d normally only be able to take with a professional DSLR. Good for amateur product photography and keeping your followers updated about your company.


Fly Labs – Video Editing Apps for iPhone

This suite of three apps is going to satisfy all your video marketing needs. Slow motion, cropping, editing are all super-simple, and you can add almost professional transitions between the shots.


Free Mobile Photo Editor and Collage Maker PicsArt

When you’re feeling uninspired, you can browse through works of other PicsArt users. This app will also let you draw your own images, plus you can use free images from their large stock photo gallery.


Photofy 1 Android and iOS Free Photo Editing App

Another app for collages, but a more serious one with a lot of features. Not only can you add text to your images, it’s easy to add branded premium material like cartoon characters (who wouldn’t want to add Shrek to all their social media communication?). Great to play around with and create some serious marketing materials.


This is an awesome web tool made to help you instantly resize video, photos, and GIFs online to be the perfect aspect ratio for social media platforms.

There you go. If you’re going to dive into “social media on the go”, I’d suggest you go ahead and try out a few photo editing apps from this list and decide on the one that seems the closest to what you need. Happy creating!

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Design, but simple.

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