Gorgeous Landing Page Design Inspiration Selected by Land Book

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Have you ever started to design a landing page for your newest product, only to sit in front of a screen for 30 minutes without an idea? Then you get up, make some tea, stare out of the window like some classic novel writer with a creative block. You draw a few wireframes in your fancy dotted notebook, but still nothing looks good?

I know I have.

In times like this, I always seek for some ideas and inspiration on inspiration websites. And one of these websites is Land Book. I even used it to find examples to include in my book (200+ images, by the way. You know how long it takes to assemble that?).

The three founders of this amazing website come from Poland and are, at least judging by their Dribbble and Github pages, very awesome. The website is updated almost daily so there is never a shortage of high-quality landing page designs to source some inspiration from.

Dawid Liberadzki (one of the founders) was kind enough to send in his favourite picks of landing page design inspiration. Have fun checking these out!

Dawid Liberadzki, profile, person, men

1. Tictail

Tictail, photos, flowers, man, table, webpage

2. Wloks

Wloks, webpage, leaves

3. CartoDB

CartoDB, webpage, city, location, map, traffic

4. YourPrimer

Primer, webpage, phone, coffee

5. InVision

InVision, webpage, computers, people

6. Squarespace

Squarespace, webpage, fingers, computer, keyboard

7. Square Register

SquareUp, webpage, figers, arms, hands, tablet

8. Shopify

Shopify, webpage, selling

9. Intercom

Intercom, webpage, communication

10. Zendesk

Zendesk, webpage, space, relationship

11. Stripe

Stripe, webpage, phone, card

12. Positionly

Positionly, webpage

There! 12 incredible examples of landing page design inspiration, picked by Dawid at Land Book.

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Design, but simple.

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