20 Fascinating Examples of Bold Design Selected by Muzli

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If you’re subscribed to my list, you know that in the first email, I ask you what is your biggest struggle with design in business. A huge number of people reply to this email (and I respond to almost all of them). And it turns out that many readers seem to be struggling with finding great design inspiration.

I had to put a stop on this!

Today, we are starting a series of inspiration posts in partnership with some of the top design websites. Know one we should feature? Let us know!

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We’re kicking off this inspiration series with Muzli blog. The guys over at Muzli are working hard to bring their readers creme de la creme of design inspiration. Alongside the blog, they also offer a free Chrome Extension that replaces your browser’s new tab with the finest selection of design inspiration.

I’ve been following their work for a few months and it’s obvious they’re truly dedicated to their craft. My absolute favourites are their gif inspiration posts.

I asked one of the founders, Eyal Zuri, to share some of the best designs he came across recently. We picked the theme “bold design” and this is what he came up with. Enjoy!

bold design picked by muzli

Love it or hate it, one thing is undisputed: these are BOLD.

We feel that design courage is a key factor in making big changes in the design world, by designers and organisations who dare to experiment and innovate.

A wise man once said: “Think different”. In this list, we’ve collected 20 of the best examples that do just that.

Calendar App


Ludmila Shevchenko

2. Roney Gibson’s Website


Mike | Creative Mints

3. Nike90 Store


Balraj Chana

4. Fitness App


Ionut Zamfir

5. Endoestri Homepage


Firman Suci Ananda

6. SneakerUI


Daniel Klopper

7. yconference


Zulal Ahmad

8. DailyUI 003


Kövesházi Dániel

9. Spotify Valentines


View site here.

10. Spotify: Year in Music


Visit the site here.

11. Details Website


Visit the site here.

12. Panic Website


Visit the site here.

13. Je Suis Unicq Website


Visit the site here.

14. Music App


Ludmila Shevchenko

15. Senna. A legend. My Hero.



16. Validation Code


Ionut Zamfir

17. 3D Interactive Gestures GIF


Balraj Chana

18. Kiddy Log


Alexander Zaytsev



Visit the site here.

20. Some Analytics


Cosmin Capitanu

So there you have it! 20 incredible examples of bold design. Again, I encourage you give Muz.li a visit if you’re interested in web design inspiration.

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Design, but simple.

My popular design ebook is now on sale. Don't miss out!

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