These 15 Unique Web Designs are the Kick in the Pants Your Site Needs, Curated by Reeoo

Design, but simple.

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Coming up with a killer website design is intimidating for both designers and non-designers alike. But you know what Pablo Picasso said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Obviously, we’re not suggesting that ripping off someone’s web design is okay, but sometimes a cool concept can inspire great ideas for your own website.

The following websites, curated by the mastermind behind the design inspiration site, are crazy beautiful and crazy unique – from gorgeous animations to informative illustrations to innovative interactivity.

But first, we asked Reeoo founder, HongWei Yu to talk about Reeoo and the idea behind the website.

HongWei Yu, Reeoo, website design inspiration

When I first start to design, color and layout is often the most frustrating part, so I wanted to build a website that would bring color and layout inspiration to designers, said HongWei Yu. That site became

If beginning a design causes you distress, then you should look to On Reeoo, designers can sort inspiration by color, designer, and platform (websites, apps, icons, etc), or just browse all the work at once.


website design inspiration, Animal


Social wars, website design inspiration

Future Water

website design inspiration, Future Water

Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight, website design inspiration

Finesse Design Atelier

website design inspiration, Finesse Design Atelier

Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect, website design inspiration

Dream Car Collection

Dream Car Collection, website design inspiration

Ice and Sky

Ice and Sky, website design inspiration

Follow Bubble

Follow Bubble website design inspiration

The Boat

The boat, website design inspiration

WWF Tiger Challenge

WWF Tiger Challenge, website design inspiration

Legwork Studio

Legwork Studio, website design inspiration

Urban Walks

Urban Walks, website design inspiration

In Pieces

In Pieces, website design inspiration

Kurka Wolna

website design inspiration, Kurka Wolna

Design, but simple.

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