Attractive Podcast Cover Art That Will Make You Want to Click Chosen by Despreneur

Design, but simple.

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Podcast cover art is a very important piece of podcast marketing. It helps your podcast stand out in iTunes. It makes you look more professional.

It may even get you featured. Yes, really!

Apple’s guidelines specifically say that they won’t feature any podcasts with cover art with “pixelation, artifacts, high-contrast background art, blurry or hard crops (unless stylistic), or other style issues”. So take note here.

Our guest on today’s #inspirationseries is Tomas Laurinavicius, the founder of Despreneur. He’s a designer-went-entrepreneur, a digital nomad, and insanely inspiring. If you’re in need of an motivational push in the back, head over to his personal blog. And while you’re there, subscribe. You won’t regret it.

Tomas just launched a brand new project called Despreneur Deals (Where you can even get my book with a discount!).

Tomas Laurinavicius despreneur

He has also recently started his own podcast with exciting interviewees. He covers topics of lifestyle design, business, entrepreneurship, design, and technology. Give it a listen here!

Here’s his personal selection of the best-designed podcast cover art. Enjoy!

Here it is, a selection of gorgeous podcast cover art. Hope you’re feeling inspired!

To recap, here are some of the guidelines for creating podcast images:

Design, but simple.

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