Here Are 15 Epic Examples of Designer Portfolio Picked by Commit2Design

Design, but simple.

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How do you improve your design skills? Simple, you design. And design. And design. With each new piece, you improve.

Today’s feature is Henry Reyes, computer science Engineer from Dominican Republic with +4 years experience in front end development.

He is determined to improve his design skills, as UI design is his passion. He has set out to create one free website template every week, for 52 weeks.

Having started on 1st of February, he only has a bunch of weeks to go, but there is a number of high-quality downloads already available on his site, Commit2Design. I invite you go check it out!

I asked Henry to talk a little bit about the project, his work process, and finally, to compile a list of his favourite designer portfolio websites.

Henry Reyes, Comit2Design

Commit 2 Design is a blog where I upload designs freebies from my personal 52-week design challenge.

The challenge lies in creating one new design every week in order to continually improve my design skills, creativity and design process. It’s a great way to stay creative and hone my craft.

Every freebie takes around 8 hours between sketching, designing, set up presentations and so on. Also it takes a couple of hours to get back to visitors emails about freebies suggestions, design related questions and more.

Running the site been quite challenging yet rewarding. I am learning tons every day from visitors’ feedback and from every day practice with new color palettes, different concepts, fonts and layouts.

Sang Han

Sang Han, designer portfolio

Melanie Daveid

Melanie Daveid, designer portfolio

Evan Kosowski

Evan Kosowski, designer portfolio


Commit 2 Design, designer portfolio

Seán Halpin

Seán Halpin, designer portfolio

Atulesh Kumar

Atulesh Kumar, designer portfolio

Robin Mastromarino

Robin Mastromarino, designer portfolio

Rosie Manning

Rosie Manning, designer portfolio

Oli Lisher

Oli Lisher, designer portfolio

Rafal Tomal

Rafal Tomal, designer portfolio

Jan Losert

Jan Losert, designer portfolio

Michael Ngo

Michael Ngo, designer portfolio

Room Five

Andrew Couldwell, Room five, designer portfolio

Eugene Maksymchuk

Eugene Maksymchuk, designer portfolio

Dixon & Moe

Dixon and Moe, designer portfolio

Design, but simple.

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