Startup Design Toolbox

This bundle of freebies includes an ebook on fixing any design, a wireframing kit, a selection of free stock photos, and more.

For a non-creative startup founder, it can be hard to get started with design. How are you supposed to keep your branding all nice and consistent? How much time and money will you spend on making your photos look just right? How will you plan out your app’s UX?

Fear not!

In this value-packed set of freebies, you’ll receive:

  1. Brand new 10-step guide to fixing any design
  2. Style tiles template to get you started on building a consistent branding
  3. A selection of 60+ startup-themed photos for your landing page
  4. Wireframing vector kit to help you create an app with great UX

It’s now time you start using design to your advantage. This pack will help you do that.

And the best part?

It’s 100% free. Enjoy!